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[Transformative Care Rooted in Evidence-Based Nursing].

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  • Author(s): Chiang LC;Chiang LC; Liao MN; Liao MN
  • Source:
    Hu li za zhi The journal of nursing [Hu Li Za Zhi] 2017 Feb; Vol. 64 (1), pp. 25-31.
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    Journal Article
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    • Source:
      Publisher: Taiwan hu li xue hui Country of Publication: China (Republic : 1949- ) NLM ID: 0073267 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Print ISSN: 0047-262X (Print) NLM ISO Abbreviation: Hu Li Za Zhi Subsets: MEDLINE
    • Publication Information:
      Publication: <2000-> : Taibei : Taiwan hu li xue hui
      Original Publication: Taibei, Zhonghua Minguo hu li xue hui, [1954?]-
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    • Abstract:
      As clinical scientists on the interdisciplinary healthcare team, nurses use the art and science of current nursing knowledge to provide evidence-based healthcare to each patient and his/her family. Nurses not only comprise the largest contingent of medical personnel and provide 24-hour patient care but are also professional scientists that develop unique nursing knowledge through reflective practice. Five strategies for expanding the body of current evidence-based nursing scientific knowledge include: (1) reflecting empirically on the practice-service domain, (2) developing nursing knowledge using rigorous methodology, (3) emancipating nursing knowledge using innovative transformation, (4) using collaborative interdisciplinary healthcare that is based in patient-centered care, and (5) initiating innovative transformation in nursing education. Nurses are critical healthcare providers that make important contributions to today's healthcare system. Nursing scientists provide frontline, evidence-based transforming care that deserves to be respected and valued on an equal basis with the care and services that are provided by other medical personnel.
    • Contributed Indexing:
      Keywords: evidence-based nursing; nursing science; transforming care
      Local Abstract: [Publisher, Chinese] 以實證為基礎的護理轉型照護. [Publisher, Chinese] 護理人員是跨健康照顧專業團隊的靈魂人物,基於護理知識發展的藝術與科學,提供每位個案與家庭實證健康照護。護理人員不僅是人數最多且提供24小時床邊照護的守護者,更應透過反思實踐,發展獨特的護理知識,五項策略以發展實證為基礎的護理科學知識於轉型照護,包括:(1)實徵地反思執業服務範疇、(2)嚴格建構護理知識之方法學、(3)解放護理科學知識的創新轉型、(4)以病人為中心的跨專業領域之間的合作、及(5)倡議護理教育轉型改革。護理人員在各層級醫療體系服務,是重要的健康照護提供者。護理人員提供最前線的實證轉型照顧,理應與其他醫事人員價值相等且相互尊重,都是以病人為中心,進行解放行動研究實施實證健康照護。.
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      Date Created: 20170203 Date Completed: 20170615 Latest Revision: 20181023
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