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[Suitability of human settlement environment in Buyei traditional villages in rocky desertification area of Guizhou, China.]

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      Publisher: Ying yong sheng tai xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui Country of Publication: China NLM ID: 9425159 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Print ISSN: 1001-9332 (Print) Linking ISSN: 10019332 NLM ISO Abbreviation: Ying Yong Sheng Tai Xue Bao Subsets: MEDLINE
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      Publication: Shenyang Shi : Ying yong sheng tai xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui
      Original Publication: Shenyang Shi : Ying yong sheng tai xue bao bian ji wei yuan hui, 1990-
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      To investigate the traditional village living environment adaptability to desertification and topography, the suitability evaluation index system and weight of traditional Buyei traditional villages in the rocky desertification area human settlement were quantified using Delphi method and comprehensive weighting method. We calculated human settlements environment suitability value and threshold to comprehensively analyze the human settlements environment suitability. The results showed that 10% of the traditional Buyei traditional villages were located in the rocky desertification areas with high intensity and extremely high intensity and had the tradition of selecting the best environment. The index system of residential environment suitability was composed of five first-level indices (economy, historic culture, ecology, society, and building environment suitability) and 26 second-level indices. This index system was applicable to villages in karst regions. The comprehensive environmental suitability value (2.81-3.77), the economy value (0.77-1.17), the historic culture value (0.39-0.50), the ecology value (0.83-1.07), the social environment value (0.38-0.53) all decreased with the increasing intensity of rocky desertification, but the suitability value of building environment did not change, which ranged from 0.43 to 0.51. Rocky desertification had profound and synergistic impacts on economy, historic culture, ecology and social environment. The floor level of the human settlement suitability threshold was 2.93. If the threshold was lower than 2.93, it could be considered to move or take measures to improve its value. The suitability value (3.56) of traditional village living environment in mountain slope was higher than that in depression (3.42) and valley (3.16). The human settlement suitability of traditional villages in rocky desertification area was higher than that of ordinary villages, but was lower than that of normal landform, with the differences in economy and ecology being the main reasons. To improve the living environment of traditional villages in rocky desertification areas, we should strengthen the comprehensive control of rocky desertification and policy support, develop ecological economy and tourism, protect historic culture or choose ecological migration. This research could provide theoretical base for the planning and construction of village living environment protection in karst areas.
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      Keywords: Buyei traditional village; human settlement environment; index system; rocky desertification; suita-bility; threshold
      Local Abstract: [Publisher, Chinese] 为了解传统村落人居环境对石漠化及地形地貌的适应性,采用德尔菲法、综合权重法确定了石漠化区布依族传统村落人居环境适宜度评价指标体系及权重,并收集指标数据和确定人居环境适宜度值与阈值,综合分析了人居环境适宜度.结果表明: 10%的布依族传统村落位于强度与极强度石漠化区,且有择优环境的传统;人居环境适宜度指标体系由经济、历史文化、生态、社会、建筑环境适宜度5个一级指标及26个二级指标组成,该指标体系对喀斯特区村落均适宜;总体上,综合环境适宜度值(2.81~3.77)与经济(0.77~1.17)、历史文化(0.39~0.50)、生态(0.83~1.07)、社会环境(0.38~0.53)适宜度值随石漠化强度递增而递减,而建筑(0.43~0.51)则无显著变化,石漠化对经济、历史文化、生态和社会环境影响深远且有协同关系;人居环境适宜度阈值下限为2.93,低于2.93可考虑搬迁或采取措施提高其值;山地半坡传统村落人居环境适宜度值(3.56)高于洼地(3.42)和谷地(3.16);石漠化区传统村落人居环境适宜度比普通村落高,但低于常态地貌,其主因是经济与生态的差异;石漠化区传统村落人居环境提升应加强石漠化综合治理及政策支撑,发展生态经济与旅游及保护历史文化或生态移民.本研究可为喀斯特区村落人居环境保护规划、建设等提供理论依据.
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      Date Created: 20190919 Date Completed: 20190925 Latest Revision: 20190925
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