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Analýza vývoje kvality a výkonnosti potravinářských výrobků

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      Vydavatelství ZČU v Plzni, 2016.
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      The subject of the article is an analysis of the performance and quality of the food business and it presents partial results of a complex longitudinal study of business quality and performance conducted on Masaryk University. The quality is measured by means of customer satisfaction and business performance by financial indicators. This article aims to explain the relationship between quality and performance when evaluating annual changes. Article answers the following research questions: Is the annual change in the quality perceived by customers directly proportional to the financial performance of companies? How are the changes in customer satisfaction reflected in performance of the producers? The primary data were collected by two questionnaire surveys conducted in years 2014 and 2015 on a group of Czech students. The secondary data are based on annual financial reports of twenty six compared businesses. The businesses were divided into two groups based on change in their perceived quality and then the financial and quality indicators of these groups were compared. The results show that there is a direct proportion between the change of customer satisfaction and change of financial performance. The overall satisfaction seems to be more important than technical parameters of the product or other variables. In other words, the perceived quality may have greater influence on business performance than technical quality parameters. The year-on-year changes of customer satisfaction seem to have significant impact on variation of business profitability. Although the sample of customers is represented mostly by students, the results indicate tendency to pay higher price for products with higher perceived quality
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