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Financial flow as a part of business logistics

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      Technical University of Kosice, 2003.
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      In these latter years, our concerns completely got into the new situation that relates with the conversion on market economy. Their prosperity is going from the ability of management to adapt to the variable market conditions.The basic aim of the concerns is not to reach the maximal profit but the effort on longlife existence, their growth and global optimalization. A LOGISTICS is dealing with the philosophy of material, information and financial optimal flow control.In this contribution we created a comprehensive logistics model of concerns, which determines the interconnection of the mentioned flows. The special attention is given to the information and financial flows. Mainly, we highlighted the need for correct, early and confident information, because they are most precious sources for the concerns in this "turbulent" time.In this contribution we mentioned the importance of information in proceeding of obtaining and allocating the funds. Farther, we even mentioned the requisite of proper selection of optimal way and method to realise payment for bought production factors or sold products, eventually provided services. Behaviour of this optimalization process provides stability and solvency of concern and its reputation.
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