Off-Campus Access

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Accounts on other websites

Many of the library's databases allow you to make separate accounts in order to save searches or search results, for example. These accounts are completely separate from your Wilson account, and they are completely optional.

Example sign-in screen from EBSCO:

EBSCOhost sign in screen

Example sign-in screen from JSTOR:

JSTOR sign in screen

These sign in screens are not affiliated with Wilson College or the library. If you reset your password through one of these screens, it will not reset your Wilson password.

There is no need to sign in on a screen that looks like the examples shown above unless you want to create a separate account for that specific database provider, where you can save searches and search results. This is completely optional.

Any questions about logging in to library resources can be directed to

If you are having trouble logging in, check these things first:
  • Generally, your username is just firstname.lastname (no ""). Try logging in without the "" part of your username and your usual password.
  • What exactly are you trying to log in to? There are only three different ways to log in to the library's electronic databases:
  • If you are looking at a screen that is not one of the three things listed above, you are in the wrong place. Go to the library website's list of Databases to access a specific electronic resource. If you bookmark a different URL or get to a database through somewhere else (such as a Google search), the database will not know that you are affiliated with Wilson College, and you will not be able to access the paid subscription content that the library provides.
  • You may need to change your Wilson password. To do that, follow these steps:
    • Go to
    • If you are already signed in from earlier, you must sign out first.
    • Click on "Sign in," enter your Wilson email address, and click on "Forgot password" in order to reset it. Then try logging into the library resource again.
    • If you are on any other website and click on "Forgot password" in order to reset your password, it will only reset your password for that specific website, not for your actual Wilson accounts.
Off-Campus Access to Research Databases

The Wilson College library pays the subscription fees for our library's databases, journals, and eBooks. All current Wilson College students, faculty, and staff are covered by these subscriptions. These electronic resources are hosted on external sites that restrict use to subscribers only. Eligible users on the Wilson College campus will automatically be authenticated as a subscriber. Users off-campus must be authenticated using a 'proxy server.' So, if you click a proxied link (one that contains "") while off-campus, you will encounter the John Stewart Memorial Library - Research Database Login page.

Research databases login page.

The login used to access Wilson College e-mail or The Portal will be the same login used for library resources:

Username: firstname.lastname
Password: password

Once you have logged in, you should be automatically redirected to the resource you are trying to access.

*Note: Proxy server sessions time-out after 1.5 hours. You will be prompted to login via the Research Database login page again when your session expires.

If you are having trouble with logging into a database directly or with the Wilson Library Catalog login please see the tabs to the left, or Ask a Librarian.

Logging in to the Library Website

When using OneSearch from off-campus, you will find that you need to log in to access some of the resources you find. Sometimes when you click on a resource, you will be taken to a page that says "John Stewart Memorial Library - Research Database Login." Enter your regular Wilson credentials and you should be taken directly to that resource. (See the "Off-Campus Access to Research Databases" tab to the left for more information on how this works.)

Other times when you click on a resource, you will see a login page pop up that looks like this:

Screenshot of OneSearch with User Login window

Again, simply enter your regular Wilson username and password and you should be taken directly to the resource that you clicked on. Note: Your username should be entered WITHOUT the "" part.

You can also log in to the library website before you even start your search. At the top of every library homepage, you will see a menu with a "Login" button:

Library homepage menu with Login button outlined in red

Click "Login" and enter your Wilson credentials. Now you will have access to results in OneSearch without having to log in again.

If you are having trouble logging in or cannot access a resource, please see the tabs to the left, or Ask a Librarian.

Wilson Library Catalog

Current Wilson College students, faculty and staff may now log in to the library catalog to manage their accounts. Once logged in, you can place holds on books, view the items you currently have checked out including their due dates, request renewals, and update your personal information or change your password.

To login to the library catalog, users should visit this link: and input their login credentials in the boxes on the right:

Screenshot of the library catalog homepage with the login boxes outlined in red.

Please note that this login will be different from your regular Wilson username and password. The default login name for the Library Catalog is firstname.lastname, and the default password is lastname. Once you're logged in, you can change your password to something more secure but still easy for you to remember.

If you have forgotten your login and password or need to have them reset, please Ask a Librarian.

Browser Settings

On-Campus Users
1. If you are using a personal computer, you may need to clear your browser's cache before you are able to access library resources. See instructions on how to clear your browser's cache.

2. Try another browser. If you use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome to determine if you have a better experience. If your experience is still poor, please contact the library and identify the resources that you are unable to access.

3. Turn cookies on while doing library research. See instructions for enabling cookies.

4. Turn off pop-up blockers.

5. Allow the library and any problematic sites as trusted sites.

6. If you have Norton Antivirus or another security program, add the library database URL to the program's "Allow" preferences, Or, temporarily try to disable the security program while accessing the database.

Off-Campus Users

Off-Campus users who are experiencing technical difficulties with electronic resource access via the library should try the above steps. Additionally, users should make sure that they are logging in correctly on the Database Research login page.

Software and Add-ons

To read many articles and most eBooks, you will need the most recent version of the following programs installed:

Mac Users

If you have Norton Antivirus or another security program, add the library database URL to the program's "Allow" preferences. Or, temporarily try to disable the security program while accessing the database.